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Extra surprise

I found an extra special toy at Pet Smart!

All 3 dogs were pleased with my choice

The toy is so long I could barely get it in one frame while playing tug of war with Chase!


Snake attack!

The snake toy took a beating from all 3 dogs!

They had a blast!

DSCN5549 DSCN5551 DSCN5552 DSCN5553 DSCN5554 DSCN5555

Joey and Jasmine had to hold on together in order to counter Chase’s strength! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chase’s Frisbee Obsession

Chase had his Frisbees all over the room so I put them up on my bed so I could vacuum. I forgot to take them down…

DSCN3936 DSCN3937

I sat at my computer and the next thing I know, I hear this Frisbee that Chase never plays with hit the floor beside me


Apparently he dug it out of the toy box LOL


And he put it back when he was done with it LOL

Chase – cat toy update

Yesterday I did a post showing Chase surrounded by cat jingly balls

I do not actually let Chase have them all! I keep 4 of them on my computer desk and he only plays with them under supervision. This was the collection I found in his room, he was stealing them from Joey and Jasmine then losing them under stuff in my room!

He did steal one from Jasmine one day without my knowledge and this is what I found in my room:


At least he didn’t eat the part he chewed off or the steel jingly thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chase the Toy Hoarder

Chase is obsessed with these little cat jingly balls, he steals them from Joey and Jasmine and takes them to his room.


Any one know a good interventionist for dogs ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

Happy Valentine’s Day From Chase

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is PetSmart makes the most adorable little plush toys!

I got 3 of them (buy 2 get 1 free, plus on sale for half off, making all three of them $2.94, can’t get any better than that!!)


I LOVE PetSmart!!!!!

Chase takes one toy and uses it for all of 1 minute. But I get three because when the toys are brought out he looks for his (even though he does not actually want it lol) and I’d hate for him to feel left out!


It’s all good though because the papillons are obsessed with plush toys so they are more than happy to play with all 3 of them!



12 Dog Days of Christmas: Day 2

It’s time for the Day 2 post for Chase’s 12 Dog Days of Christmas blog challenge!

Here is the original challenge post I made up:


Day 2:ย Post a picture of/with your favorite holiday gift/toy (past or present)


Chase got this awesome fire-hose toy last year for Christmas! He has since chewed the handle off and the side parts of the hose ๐Ÿ™‚

This was Chase’s second fire-hose toy (he completely destroyed the last one, lol, that is typical Chase behavior, very few toys withstand his rough play style).

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