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Summer, is that you?!

We’ve had some muggy and hot days recently, while Chase isn’t a huge fan of the heat, it makes for pretty pictures 🙂


Signature pant and sparkly eyes


The heat makes Joey pose like Chase too!


Joey’s a stunner!

DSCN4685 DSCN4689

Jasmine had no interest in posing with the little tree!


Pictures with zoom are Jasmine’s best, she’s too squirmy!


Chase LOVES to roll in the grass!


Now he’s checking to see if I’m watching, what show off!


My goofy fella!

DSCN4732 DSCN4735

Let us in, let us in! It is so darn hot out here!


Can we play frisbee now?

All Chase wants to do is play his version of frisbee

Chase’s Frisbee Obsession

Chase had his Frisbees all over the room so I put them up on my bed so I could vacuum. I forgot to take them down…

DSCN3936 DSCN3937

I sat at my computer and the next thing I know, I hear this Frisbee that Chase never plays with hit the floor beside me


Apparently he dug it out of the toy box LOL


And he put it back when he was done with it LOL

Double the Frisbee Fun!


Why pick up one Frisbee when you can have two!?


Christmas Gifts – Revealed!!

It’s time to reveal Chase’s Christmas gifts… one which is particularly awesome!

It’s Christmas morning and I can finally get my presents!


Present 1 = Milk Bones! (not a usual treat for Chase)


Present 2 = Frisbee!!





DSCN1886 DSCN1885

This is amazing, it changes colors! We can play Frisbee in the dark now!

Present 3 = a marrow bone, which I never took a picture of because Chase ended up playing with his frisbee for so long I forgot all about it 😛

Chase: Health Update

It’s been a few months since I have mentioned Chase’s health.

I have a lot of new followers so a quick summary: Chase has osteoarthritis and elbow dysplasia. He was diagnosed when he was just over a year old. I started him on glucosamine & Omega3 and it worked okay for the next year or so. But, his symptoms began to worsen again. I tried doubling the dose, but saw no significant improvement.

Read more details here: https://chasethesheltie.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/from-energetic-puppy-to-virtually-immobile/

In September, after an exhaustive search for a new medicine routine for Chase I came up with two things to help his joints:

1. Grain free dry dog food

2. 5 in 1 Joint Rescue (a canine supplement from a Nova Scotia company)

The results after 3 months of eating grain free food with a 1 tsp of joint rescue has been INCREDIBLE!

Seriously, words can not even begin to describe the differences I have seen in Chase. He plays all the time with his doggy friends and he plays like a puppy again! I was playing frisbee/tug-of-war outside with him and he is so strong now that I have a lot of trouble winning… I have to crouch to the ground to try to get enough leverage to win and he ends up pulling me forward! It’s insane!

Needless to say, I’m super happy and so is Chase 🙂


***Keep this in mind if you or someone you know have a dog with joint issues at any point in their life! 🙂

A Typical Day

Here is what Chase does on a regular basis during the non-snow filled months

Frisbee Frisbee and more Frisbee!


Chase being atypical, rather than play Frisbee the regular way, he plays it as a teasing type game. He holds the Frisbee in his mouth and pushes it toward me asking me to take it. When I go to take it, he pulls it away from me happily. And repeat. Chase’s favorite activity!

When I am able to get it from him, I throw it across the yard in an attempt to play an old-fashioned game of Frisbee! 🙂

Chase never gets enough of this twisted version of Frisbee!


You can take it! I swear I won’t pull it away! 🙂