Chase is a gorgeous photography subject

I took these last week, but with all my Halloween posts I had to wait to post them!

I am obsessed with these… he is such a gorgeous boy! And he’s got that signature panting smile the whole time 🙂



Happy Halloween from Chase!!

Are you ready for the big costume reveal?!

Let’s start with my Halloween hat first 🙂


This is my pumpkin head hat, isn’t it adorable?!




I’m a hamburger!!!!!!!!!!!

BACKSTORY: one of Chase’s many nicknames is burger 🙂


BOO everybody!


Just a walking dog burger, nothing to see here…


Good golly I look delicious!

Halloween is approaching!


RSCN5785 RSCN5786

Pumpkin Carving!


I’m helping!


Wet the paper and put it on the pumpkin to carve the design… never tried this method before, sounds interesting and way easier!!!!


It was level 1 of 4 for difficult-ness… but hey it worked, I’ll work my way up from here 😉


I’m not known for my carving skills, but this looks pretty good!

Fall is a beautiful season!


Joey is a gorgeous boy, if only he would stay still for pictures!


Chase is always in his favorite position with his favorite toy




Jasmine is gorgeous but is one of the worst picture takers I’ve ever seen in a dog!! She never stays still, looks away at the last second and just plain looks awkward most of the time LOL


Fall colors are amazing!


Side tongue Chase is ready to come inside!

A tick, lots of vomit and a vet trip

Well this week has not been so great! On Monday, I was giving Chase a bath and found a big tick!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I was immediately freaked out.

And also confused because he is on flea/tick medicine from the vet so how is that possible… which led to anger! Why am I paying all that money and putting this crazy toxic mix on his neck every month if it doesn’t stop ticks like it says!!!

It was big, gross and I was not messing with it! I rinsed Chase off and we went to the vet to have it removed properly.

Tuesday morning, Chase starts puking and continues to puke the whole morning. I called the vet office, they didn’t think it was tick-related and that I should just not give him food or water for a few hours to let his stomach settle. The afternoon was okay… I tried feeding him after a few hours like they said, but he refused to eat anything…the evening the puking started again… with diarrhea now for added fun! At least Chase always goes outside for that! And at night, Chase was up a few times puking.

I had to go to work the next morning, so I left him home with my mother with the plan to take him to the vet after I was done work. He had not eaten anything since Monday night so I was definitely concerned!

I called to check up on him and my mother said he was just laying around refusing to eat or drink anything. I was even more worried now. I told her to call the vet! She made an appointment, but after he began puking and having diarrhea again, she took him over early.

$300 later… they don’t know for sure what went on. They did an X-Ray, stool sample and gave him two injections to stop all the puking and crapping! I also got some antibiotic pills… everything stopped… I slowly fed him 2 tbsp of wet food every hour the rest of the evening. He slept that night and has been better ever since!

I hate not knowing why this happened. I really think the tick has something to do with it! The vet said lyme disease would not present that way… but I am thinking he got some sort of infection from the tick!

Oh well, so far he is back to himself and I hope it stays that way!!!

Sleepy Sunday


Sleepy Sunday = some sleepy pictures of Chase over the past month or so 🙂


This is the sweetest thing, he shoves his fuzzy blanket in his mouth and falls asleep like this, awwww


That can’t be good for your neck!


Flashback Friday #2

These are pictures from last month so I’m going to call this a flashback Friday post 😉

Chase comes downstairs to the exercise room with me now!

I started using the bowflex and treadmill as a way to mix up my usual workouts

Chase uses the time to play with the basement toys since they are different from the upstairs toys


Here I am on the treadmill… what do you think you are doing Chase?


Look I took the insides out of the toys and removed a few tentacles from the octopus, are you proud of me? – Chase


Despite being outside for 2 minutes, Sabrina decided she had to try the window in the exercise room instead of that boring thing called a door to come back inside again lol

Glow stick fun!

Check out Chase’s first glow stick experience

He had way too much fun 🙂


What is this thing?




Alright, give me that thing!


Uh oh!! Chase stole it from me and ran with it lol

I got it back from him when he decided to lay down and chew it… yeah that’s not what it’s for buddy!

The orange team!

I got Chase a matching leash to go with his orange harness!

With my orange shoes, we are quite the orange team these days!

20150915_133044 20150915_133056