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You’ve probably been wondering where Chase has been lately? Well A LOT has been happening lately, so much so that we have forgotten about blogging!


To start off, I had been working full time and going to school last year which was hard! I finished school and not long after I got a full time job 🙂 Not even 6 months later I officially bought our first home in June!!!

2016 has been a whirlwind!

Not to mention Chase has a new sibling… Meet Kate:


Not long before I had an accepted offer on a house, Kate showed up at my parent’s house as a stray. We searched and posted her skinny little face everywhere, but sadly no one claimed her. My parent’s cat does not like other cats so it was either Chase learns to live with Kate or Kate would go to the shelter. I couldn’t let her go to an unknown future so I kept her and now she is a healthy and happy girl 🙂

How’s Chase adjusting to a new house, in a new city and being without constant attention from grandma, grandpa and their animal posse 24/7?


He’s done surprisingly well for a dog that was never left alone for more than 2 hours! He gets checked on at lunch, but other than that he handles my 9-5 job wonderfully and he LOVES the fence I had specially built with him in mind 🙂 Not to mention I redid the deck stairs into two levels with shorter steps so he could actually get up and down them. He may be in a new environment, but he is still spoiled rotten! P.S. He also does not mind Kate, they may not be BFF’s, but they live in harmony by respecting each other’s space 😉


As soon as Kate entered the sunroom, Chase got up and left hahaha they are funny like that, but whatever works 🙂 It’s safe to say Kate’s favorite room in the house is the sunroom, so many windows, so little time to look out them all!


Chase and I will try to remember to do some periodic updates 🙂


Happy 4th Birthday Chase!!

Today is Chase’s 4th birthday, hard to believe!!!


Chase knows what he wants, going right for the icing! 🙂

We also got a little snow today, so that’s an extra special gift for Chase. He got pre-birthday treats on Tuesday and little does he know, I have another special treat for him later! Treats are the way to go for Chase, he’s set in his ways toy wise, does not need anymore.

Sleepy Sunday


Sleepy Sunday = some sleepy pictures of Chase over the past month or so 🙂


This is the sweetest thing, he shoves his fuzzy blanket in his mouth and falls asleep like this, awwww


That can’t be good for your neck!


Christmas Gifts – Revealed!!

It’s time to reveal Chase’s Christmas gifts… one which is particularly awesome!

It’s Christmas morning and I can finally get my presents!


Present 1 = Milk Bones! (not a usual treat for Chase)


Present 2 = Frisbee!!





DSCN1886 DSCN1885

This is amazing, it changes colors! We can play Frisbee in the dark now!

Present 3 = a marrow bone, which I never took a picture of because Chase ended up playing with his frisbee for so long I forgot all about it 😛

Then & Now


The tree has grown and so has he

Remembering Salem

After scrolling through a cat blog (Marty the Manx) tonight, I found myself thinking of my best kitty friend Salem who passed away in January 2014. While I made my blog about Chase, I decided Salem deserved a shout-out, because if he was still here today, he would have his own blog!


I could go on and on about Salem, but here is as condensed as a version I can write.

On May 18, 2002, my life changed forever. I had two shih-tzus and had never owned or been around cats in my life! I was sitting with my dad by the charcoal bbq waiting for supper to cook. I turned around and saw a black cat, who appeared to have no eyes! I ran inside and told my mom, surely she would know what to do. She came out with some ham and started feeding him. That’s when we got a good look at him… his bones were sticking out of his entire body, his fur was a strange red color and his eyes were covered in puss. This cat was as close to starving to death as you could imagine.

Mom called a neighbor who had cats to see if she recognized him. She had never seen him before and she brought down some cat food so he could eat more. We set him up on the back step of our attached garage. He had food, water and blanket out there. Supper was ready, but I barely touched a thing. He was all I could think about. I sat outside with him, patting him and despite being so sick, he was purring away. We had been together for a little over an hour at that point. I sat, patting him and decided he needed a name. At first I was going to call him prince, but then I decided on Salem because I was a huge fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I had a bunch of the books and since Salem was all black, the name sounded perfect!).

Mom went out and got some supplies, like a litter box and set him up in the basement laundry room. Mom called the local animal control guy, who transfers lost/found pets to the nearest SPCA. She told him the condition of the cat, he said he could pick him up on Monday (it was Saturday), but to be honest the cat would be euthanized because he is in too rough shape for the SPCA to fix up (too much money). I am sure the fact that he is black did not help, as many people know black cats are the least adoptable in a large part due to superstitions, but also due to cat racism (my term for it).

There was no way mom could send this cat to his death, even in his condition he was the sweetest thing! I am sure the fact that I had already named him and spent all evening with him helped 😉

Mom and dad wiped the puss out of his eyes, took a tick off of him and cleaned out his ears that evening. He went to the vet later and we discovered he had ear mitts, a respiratory infection and was INFESTED with fleas. We also discovered he had turned red due to severe malnutrition, the vet had never seen anything like it and he was close to retirement at that point. Basically, Salem’s body was so deprived of nutrients that his fur was even dying. We could not treat his fleas because his weight was too low. So of course, the fleas ended spreading to our two dogs. In the end, this run of the mill domestic short hair all black cat cost over $1000 for my parents to fix up. And he was worth EVERY penny!!! My entire family loved him soooo much there are no words to describe it. In fact, everyone who met Salem fell in love. He was the kindest, most easy going cat in the world. He became my best friend, he followed me everywhere and I could not imagine my life without him.


Unfortunately, in December 2013, he was not acting right and a trip to the vet revealed he was in liver failure. It was awful news. Especially since I had lost both of my childhood shih-tzus in the previous 3 years. No one was ready to lose another beloved pet. We decided to keep Salem going as long as possible, he was still eating and was still happy to be petted. We also wanted to ensure he got one last Christmas. He LOVED Christmas so much, he enjoyed batting the ornaments and sleeping under/by the tree 🙂


Salem had his last Christmas, he enjoyed every minute of it. On January 10, 2014, Salem passed away in our home. He was the first animal my family had that passed at home. It was no easier, if anything it was worse because it was so sudden. All I wanted was one more week, one more day, one more hour, one more minute to spend with him. His death hit me hard. I was glad to have Chase there to comfort me. Salem was my cat, I dreamed of the day I’d own my own house and Salem would come live with me. He was with me for over 12 years, he was estimated to be 3 years when he showed up and I did not feel like he was old at all. I felt like we must of had another 10 years together.

As hard as it is to lose a pet, the memories are worth it! Someday, I will get another cat, but I still just cannot bring myself to get another cat. I feel like I would be replacing Salem and there is no replacing him. He was truly one of a kind. For now I will enjoy spending time with the animal shelter cats  🙂

Miss you Salem!!

Lessons from shelter dogs

In this post I wanted to give a nod to the other dogs in my life. I started volunteering at a local animal shelter at the beginning of the year. It was something I always wanted to do, but never did (procrastination). It has changed me as a person and as a dog owner. I have learned so many things from the dogs at the shelter that has forever changed my approach toward owning dogs. 

My dog background info: The majority of my childhood I had two shih-tzus. They were easy-going and lazy. I liked all dogs, but I always said I never would own big dogs. 

Now, back to the shelter. I walked in with a friend of mine and all the dogs were BIG. I picked the smallest of the big dogs, they handed me the leash and off we went. This dog pulled me down the road so hard, I thought my feet were going to lift off the ground! After a few minutes I had to bring her back! They gave me an easier dog to walk, but even he pulled! I was not use to dogs pulling on leash. I NEVER in my left experienced it. I ended up spending a lot of time with the cats, because the dogs seemed impossible for me to handle. I must be really weak in the arms I thought because my friend was doing fine (she grew up with two labs). I continued to walk dogs, but I avoided the ones that pulled. 

One day, a shelter staffer and I were trying to get two dogs out for a walk. I was to grab one by the collar and hook him up while she got the other. As you can imagine, shelter dogs are excited to go for a walk. These were outdoor cages, so there was nothing stopping them from running. That always made me nervous, that one of the dogs would bolt before I could clip a leash on. Sure enough, the dog bolted past me and I was unable to get a hold of him. What I did not know, was that another volunteer had come back from the walking trail with a dog (he was walking behind me so I did not even know he was near). This dog and the dog that got away from me HATED each other. And of course, my dog saw his enemy and went right for him! Now we had a dog fight on our hands. These are two large male dogs. I had no idea what to do! Luckily there were two other volunteers that had just showed up and they jumped right in to break up the fight. I was scared… this dog went nuts! Then, the shelter staffer hooked the dog up to a leash, checked his body and mouth for injuries and handed him over to me. I was still shocked from the dog fight! I was worried he was an aggressive dog that I could not handle, but she assured me he was fine. Yikes! All my worry was for nothing though. Both dogs had not been neutered yet, so it was a typical male dominance fight. He was paired in a large outdoor cage with a female dog and they got along amazingly. My lessons from this event: just because a dog hates one dog, does not mean they hate all dogs and just because a dog is aggressive toward a dog does not mean they are aggressive to people.

Over time, I got better and better walking the big dogs. I learned how to handle them when they pulled and before you know it I was going to the shelter by myself and walking every dog they had on my own! 🙂 My lessons: big dogs pull when they first get out but often calm down once they start the walk, lean back with your body weight if a dog is pulling hard, pull when the dog pulls to show them you are the boss not them and the size of the dog does not dictate how much they pull. The strongest dog at the shelter is the smallest of the big dogs 😉

I think walking big dogs has been an amazing thing. It has taught me that I love big dogs too! They are just as great as small dogs, possibly even better! I even changed my future when it comes to dogs. I use to be so focused on specific breeds that I wanted to own. My future dogs would all have come from breeders as puppies. Now, my future dogs will be adults and they will be from shelters/rescues! Because of volunteering I will be saving dogs, instead of buying them 🙂

Chase is my first pure bred puppy and my last! 

By the way, that dog that nearly pulled me down the road, she is now my FAVORITE dog! The poor girl has been there for about 10 months now, just waiting to be adopted. Thankfully, this shelter is a no-kill facility and privately owned! I go to the shelter now and she is the first dog I walk and the one I look forward to the most! Instead of saying I need to go see the dogs at the shelter, I say I need to go see Marley! 🙂 Marley has trouble forming connections with people which is one of the reasons why she has been there so long (plus she pulls very hard and needs to be the only animal in the house). She knows me now because rather than bolt out of her cage without even a glance at me, she prances around and jumps up at me happily. I know a lot of people would say a dog jumping is bad, well for Marley it is good! It shows she cares more about interacting with me, than going for her walk! Which is a HUGE deal! It also helps that when I arrive at the shelter, she sees me and I do a high-pitched “MARLEYYYYYY!!!!!!”. She is probably thinking, YES the girl that always walks me is here! 

If you are thinking about volunteering at an animal shelter, do not waste any more time, go right now!

Bye bye snow. Hello Snow?

Well, the snow melted away and the grass was 100% back! Chase loves snow and grass equally!

Here he is enjoying the yard! 🙂

(The dog in the background is Chase’s friend Joey)



I was finally able to capture his side tongue!




So much fun!


Well, the snow is back (a few centimeters anyway) and so is the cold! Chase does not mind, he is always panting regardless of the weather!