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New year, same antics

With Chase 2016 is the same!



Even the papillons are enjoying short bursts of snow time in 2016

And Sabrina hibernates like she always does in winter 🙂



Another snowfall!!

It was the fluffy stuff this time around, the best kind!!!

It left a beautiful coating of snow on all the tree too.

Chase is such a gorgeous picture taker!!

Got to love the last picture, it looks like Chase is smiling 🙂

We hope everyone is enjoying December!

Snowfall #2 :)

Yep, we got another snow, this time it was enough to be called a snowstorm!

It started with freezing rain, then 15 cm of snow, then more freezing rain. Made for quite a mess this morning!

As per usual, Chase was excited!!!


Such a cute little goof he is 🙂

Chase and I hope everyone is having a great December thus far!

First snow: Winter 2015

It snowed last night!!

Most people are upset it snowed and/or worried due to lack of snow tires… but it’ll likely melt by the end of today anyway

Regardless, Chase and I are excited!!!!


Snow Post #20… Yes that’s right

Well we got more snow today. Only a few cm, but considering it’s April 28… any amount is too much!

I can’t even bring myself to post pictures.

I will say my drive home was scary this afternoon! My usual 35 minute drive turned into an hour drive!

The roads were this slushy icy mess! The front of my car had a few cm thick of icy slush coated on it when I got home.


I guess we will skip from winter to summer then?

Chase as per usual doesn’t mind at all, he’s happy like always! Gotta love him for always being so positive about the weather 😉

Snow, rain, sun, clouds, freezing rain, wind, hail… it’s all good to Chase!!

The snow is melting + Sabrina’s birthday

Slowly though… We are speeding up the process in the fenced area by shoveling it everyday! We either throw it over the fence or spread it out in the yard so it’ll melt faster.


Sabrina turned 11! She doesn’t like toys or food so her present was being allowed outside. We were shoveling so she went inside and watched from the safety of inside 😉

DSCN4027 DSCN4030

This side of the yard is looking real good!


Can we just ignore the other side of the fence?


This side of the yard is much snowier but I am working on it! Jasmine loved burying her ball in the freshly shoveled snow!


When the side tongue happens, you know Chase has been hard to work chasing snow and barking like a crazy dog!


Calm and cool Joey!


Took this while Dad was shoveling LOL what a goof!

Snow Post #19 – Is this spring?

Another snowstorm… predicted amount is 25cm this time. The wind is picking up now!

It’s a wet snow this time, yuck. I haven’t been out in it today, but Chase was out “helping” dad shovel… well barking while dad shoveled and getting snow thrown at him with the shovel LOL

I’m over the snow! And the snow is over the tall fence!


I took this picture from the warmth of inside 😉 Dad shovels and snow blows areas of the yard so the dogs have places to use the bathroom and run around… unfortunately this latest snowfall is ruining the work the he did a few days ago widening the yard

Here’s a comparison picture to what the backyard looked like with a light dusting of snow… the tall fence is about 7 feet


Spring? What is this spring thing people are talking about?


Shoveling is hard work! (that white thing behind him is egg white, he never finished his Sunday egg, he likes the yolk better LOL)

*update: 10 minutes later the egg white was suddenly gone… he must of know I was thinking of throwing it out haha

Snow Post #18 – the last one I hope?

The storm is about done now. We got 44 cm! Hopefully that it the last, but I know from experience we do get large snow storms in April too… sigh.

Snow day though! Highways are closed, schools are closed, stores are closed, pretty much everything shut down!

We went outside to play some more and we took some cute pictures that I could not help but share!

ALERT: CHASE TURNS 3 TOMORROW!!!!! I’ll do his birthday post tomorrow to show all the gifts he got 🙂

DSCN3617 DSCN3619

“I’m not sure why I’m out here” ~Joey


Little side tongue, tasting the snow

DSCN3626 DSCN3627 DSCN3642

Snowball fight!


Joey actually playing outside with Chase and Jasmine!

DSCN3661 DSCN3692 DSCN3707 DSCN3710


DSCN3712 DSCN3717

That cute toothy smile!


Covered in snow and loving it!


Snow Post #17

It’s another snowy Sunday. This morning we woke up to another blizzard which is expecting to drop another 30 cm or more upon us.

Humans are not thrilled. Chase is excited as per usual!

DSCN3569 DSCN3570 DSCN3575

Keep shoveling off the deck but it just blows back in!

DSCN3578 DSCN3582

A leaf blew by, Jasmine was on the hunt!

DSCN3583 DSCN3590

Every time I wear these boots, Jasmine pulls on the strings


Joey says “I’ll watch from in here”


“Shovels are amazing!” – Chase

Snow Post #16

More snow and more cute snow pictures

DSCN3201 DSCN3202 DSCN3204 DSCN3207

OMG, that snow is engulfing me – Jasmine


Attempted to build a mini snowman… did not work


Snowball fight as per usual!!!!

DSCN3224 DSCN3225 DSCN3233 DSCN3243 DSCN3244 DSCN3247 DSCN3251 DSCN3263 DSCN3270 DSCN3281

Shoveling snow off the deck is a game too

DSCN3294 DSCN3304

Uh-Oh!!! It’s that kind of snow!


Chase’s hair is not prone to snowballs… so this is probably the worst I’ve seen him!

The papillions’ hair is much more susceptible to snowballs

DSCN3307 DSCN3310 DSCN3311 DSCN3312 DSCN3313 DSCN3315

Chase had to have hot water sprayed on his legs in the tub to get it all off!