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Extra surprise

I found an extra special toy at Pet Smart!

All 3 dogs were pleased with my choice

The toy is so long I could barely get it in one frame while playing tug of war with Chase!

Glow stick fun!

Check out Chase’s first glow stick experience

He had way too much fun 🙂


What is this thing?




Alright, give me that thing!


Uh oh!! Chase stole it from me and ran with it lol

I got it back from him when he decided to lay down and chew it… yeah that’s not what it’s for buddy!

Car Wash

This is how I wash my car!!!


He truly is a goofball!!!



We are BEYOND pumped up for tonight!

Tonight is not only the start of the NFL season, our team the New England Patriots are playing!!!!

DSCN5595 DSCN5597

I have too much hair for bandannas! – Chase


He’s barely played with this toy all summer, suddenly September rolls around and he plays with it constantly… it’s like he knows 🙂


Snake attack!

The snake toy took a beating from all 3 dogs!

They had a blast!

DSCN5549 DSCN5551 DSCN5552 DSCN5553 DSCN5554 DSCN5555

Joey and Jasmine had to hold on together in order to counter Chase’s strength! 😉

Yeah, I work out


“Tug of war on an exercise mat… that’s why you put it down right?” – Chase


“You were using the bowflex and not playing with me… I got bored.” – Chase

Peaceful Marsh Walks

We are loving our marsh walks!

No one is around, it’s quiet and just lovely 🙂

We did have a little horsefly incident yesterday, one tried to bite me and as I ran away it followed me! I snapped it out of the air with a leash and killed it somehow!

Today we washed the car!

I only have pictures from the marsh though!


Yesterday was strange, it was half sunny and half cloudy


Chase is following closely behind me


His nose has caused him to get further behind me now


I turned around to find him laying in the tall grass LOL what a dog!

DSC_0156 DSC_0157

Yummy grass


Feeling goofy!

DSC_0162 DSC_0163

Total goofball!!

DSC_0170 DSC_0173 DSC_0184

The elephant returns

It’s back! The elephant returns…


The elephant pool that is!

DSCN4940 DSCN4942 DSCN4943

The pictures you can get of Chase are unreal and too funny!


There’s my beautiful boy 🙂

DSCN4953 DSCN4954

Plastic balls work here too! Chase loves crushing them, then swatting at them with his feet!

DSCN4961 DSCN4965

Chase plays volleyball with the plastic balls too!

DSCN4966 DSCN4967

Water fun!

As per usual, when it’s summer, Chase enjoys getting sprayed with a garden hose!

DSCN4810 DSCN4811 DSCN4824 DSCN4829 DSCN4830 DSCN4831 DSCN4832 DSCN4833 DSCN4836 DSCN4837 DSCN4839 DSCN4864 DSCN4866 DSCN4872

Summer, is that you?!

We’ve had some muggy and hot days recently, while Chase isn’t a huge fan of the heat, it makes for pretty pictures 🙂


Signature pant and sparkly eyes


The heat makes Joey pose like Chase too!


Joey’s a stunner!

DSCN4685 DSCN4689

Jasmine had no interest in posing with the little tree!


Pictures with zoom are Jasmine’s best, she’s too squirmy!


Chase LOVES to roll in the grass!


Now he’s checking to see if I’m watching, what show off!


My goofy fella!

DSCN4732 DSCN4735

Let us in, let us in! It is so darn hot out here!