About Chase’s Friends

Chase’s currently has 2 papillon friends

He also has a frenemy kitty named Sabrina 😉



Born March 9, 2011

Joey is a character! He is a beautiful papillon with ears that normally droop down, except when he looks up at you like this 🙂 Joey is a baby, he whines for attention all the time and prefers light play. He is very sensitive 🙂 He will often watch on as Jasmine and Chase rough play.



Born March 27, 2014

The newest addition. Jasmine is a red papillon. Her ears stay up unlike her other half Joey. She may be small and cute, but she is a firecracker! She plays rough alone and with others! Finally, someone who can match Chase’s play style! 🙂



Born April 16, 2004

Sabrina was actually a gift for my birthday one year. She likes my mother better though so we “traded” cats. Salem became mine and Sabrina was hers!

Friends we have had to say goodbye to:




Salem was my family’s first ever cat! He was a stray that showed up to our house one day. He was near-death and my family nursed him back to health. He became my best friend instantly! He passed away at an unknown age, but we had him 12.5 years. He was believed to be around 3 years old when he found us.


SAM_9292 - Copy

Mitch was my mother’s version of Chase! He followed her everywhere 🙂 Chase got the pleasure to meet Mitch. He loved to knock the old guy over, the little bully! Mitch lived to be 17.5 years old!


SAM_1026 - Copy

Morgan the Shih-Tzu. Chase never got the chance to meet her. She was my best friend growing up, we baked together, I use to push her around in a doll stroller and I took her anywhere I could! She was part of the “original 4”. We had Mitch, Morgan, Salem and Sabrina! We got Joey after Morgan passed away at 15.5 years old. I think 4 is our magic number in this house, with 3 it just feels empty!



I was only 4 years old when Sammy passed, he was a German Shepard/Husky mix. I was too young to remember, but my mother tells me he and I were best friends. I guess I loved dogs from the start! She said I refused to sleep unless he was on the floor next to me 🙂


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