You’ve probably been wondering where Chase has been lately? Well A LOT has been happening lately, so much so that we have forgotten about blogging!


To start off, I had been working full time and going to school last year which was hard! I finished school and not long after I got a full time job 🙂 Not even 6 months later I officially bought our first home in June!!!

2016 has been a whirlwind!

Not to mention Chase has a new sibling… Meet Kate:


Not long before I had an accepted offer on a house, Kate showed up at my parent’s house as a stray. We searched and posted her skinny little face everywhere, but sadly no one claimed her. My parent’s cat does not like other cats so it was either Chase learns to live with Kate or Kate would go to the shelter. I couldn’t let her go to an unknown future so I kept her and now she is a healthy and happy girl 🙂

How’s Chase adjusting to a new house, in a new city and being without constant attention from grandma, grandpa and their animal posse 24/7?


He’s done surprisingly well for a dog that was never left alone for more than 2 hours! He gets checked on at lunch, but other than that he handles my 9-5 job wonderfully and he LOVES the fence I had specially built with him in mind 🙂 Not to mention I redid the deck stairs into two levels with shorter steps so he could actually get up and down them. He may be in a new environment, but he is still spoiled rotten! P.S. He also does not mind Kate, they may not be BFF’s, but they live in harmony by respecting each other’s space 😉


As soon as Kate entered the sunroom, Chase got up and left hahaha they are funny like that, but whatever works 🙂 It’s safe to say Kate’s favorite room in the house is the sunroom, so many windows, so little time to look out them all!


Chase and I will try to remember to do some periodic updates 🙂


8 responses to “M.I.A. CHASE

  1. Your grass looks lovely lush and green. Really good to roll in. Love the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

  2. Good to hear you’re still around. Congrats on the new ‘crib.’ Don’t work too hard. Give that sweet Chase an extra ear scratch from me and Sam. ღ

  3. Wow 2016 has been a big year for you guys! It’s lovely to meet Kate 🙂

  4. Hi Kate! Nice to meet you :o) Great to hear from you :o)

  5. Congrats on all the wonderful changed! Sounds like Chase and Kate will be just fine. Good to hear from you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Congratulations on all the wonderful changes in your life!!!! Hello Kate pretty little ladie 🙂 Glad to hear all is well and you are doing so well!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  7. Congratulations on all the happy changes! 🙂

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  8. Glad to hear that things are busy but going well. I haven’t been blogging as much either.

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