Chase is a gorgeous photography subject

I took these last week, but with all my Halloween posts I had to wait to post them!

I am obsessed with these… he is such a gorgeous boy! And he’s got that signature panting smile the whole time 🙂



13 responses to “Chase is a gorgeous photography subject

  1. oh he sure is… one sheltie smile per day keeps all sorrows away :o)

  2. How much does Chase actually weigh? He looks more fur than anything. Beautiful pictures 🙂 *ear licks* Noodle

    • He’s overweight as well as furry 😉 He’s 45 lbs these days, I’d like to see him at 35 lbs, but have been 100% unsuccessful over the past year!

      • Have you tried the green bean diet (substituting half his kibble with equal green beans)? Noodle eats Natural Balance Fat Dogs. It’s EXTREMELY low in calories and he loves it.

      • I did try the green bean… he won’t eat green beans LOL Chase eats a grain free Made in Canada food, he gets a serving recommended for dogs that are 15 lbs so I definitely cannot lower his food anymore 😛 at least he finally stopped gaining weight though!

  3. Such a happy face…very nice and thanks for sharing! =^,,^=

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    Oh yes, they are great photos and he poses so nicely with a big smile!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. He is such a beautiful boy! His furs are looking gorgeous this time of year and the fall colors are just right to really bring his markings out!

  6. Gorgeous. Very photogenic!

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