A tick, lots of vomit and a vet trip

Well this week has not been so great! On Monday, I was giving Chase a bath and found a big tick!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I was immediately freaked out.

And also confused because he is on flea/tick medicine from the vet so how is that possible… which led to anger! Why am I paying all that money and putting this crazy toxic mix on his neck every month if it doesn’t stop ticks like it says!!!

It was big, gross and I was not messing with it! I rinsed Chase off and we went to the vet to have it removed properly.

Tuesday morning, Chase starts puking and continues to puke the whole morning. I called the vet office, they didn’t think it was tick-related and that I should just not give him food or water for a few hours to let his stomach settle. The afternoon was okay… I tried feeding him after a few hours like they said, but he refused to eat anything…the evening the puking started again… with diarrhea now for added fun! At least Chase always goes outside for that! And at night, Chase was up a few times puking.

I had to go to work the next morning, so I left him home with my mother with the plan to take him to the vet after I was done work. He had not eaten anything since Monday night so I was definitely concerned!

I called to check up on him and my mother said he was just laying around refusing to eat or drink anything. I was even more worried now. I told her to call the vet! She made an appointment, but after he began puking and having diarrhea again, she took him over early.

$300 later… they don’t know for sure what went on. They did an X-Ray, stool sample and gave him two injections to stop all the puking and crapping! I also got some antibiotic pills… everything stopped… I slowly fed him 2 tbsp of wet food every hour the rest of the evening. He slept that night and has been better ever since!

I hate not knowing why this happened. I really think the tick has something to do with it! The vet said lyme disease would not present that way… but I am thinking he got some sort of infection from the tick!

Oh well, so far he is back to himself and I hope it stays that way!!!


5 responses to “A tick, lots of vomit and a vet trip

  1. I’m soooo pleased he’s feeling better now ❤

    Kasper has had episodes of serious puking and runny poops, usually after he's either swallowed something too large (one time it was a 4+ inch shard of bone!!) or eaten something gross on a walk. Sometimes we never figured out what caused it *sigh*

    I too don't understand why we use flea & tick repellent every month when there are more and more reports showing the parasites are becoming immune to it…and some of them in the UK (not sure about where you guys are) are scarily powerful…there's one that melts through plastic and leather if your dog's neck comes into contact with it – what is that doing to the dogs' skin?!?! :O

    I found a really cool product from dogs naturally magazine that has awesome reviews and is totally natural and safe. We keep meaning to buy it in but the postage to the UK costs more than the product, BAH!

    Hold on I'll just find it…

  2. Okay it’s called Wondercide and can be found here:

    Definitely worth a look, the people at Wondercide actually told us to check this retailer out as postage to the UK would be cheaper, might work out better for you too…?


  3. OMG how very very scary!!!! There was a dog flu bug going around here with the same symptoms. Two of my friends had to take their dogs in for IV fluids so I am glad Chase turned around at home.

    • I never thought it could be the dog flu, you never know! Yes Chase turned around at home thankfully, they did want him on IV fluids too though, he’s a tough guy and I also did not want to leave him there because they are a small town vet office so all staff is gone all night… no way is my baby staying there alone!

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