Dose of Tuesday Cuteness

I was at HomeSense recently and discovered these adorable throw blankets!

At $16.99 each I ended up getting 3 of them because I could not narrow it down any further LOL they are all so cute!!!


Chase says these throws look great, can I chew holes in them like all the other throws πŸ˜‰ the answer is no, they are too adorable for holes!


Chase is such a sweet and cute fella!


Joey checking out all the fleece throws, he approves as well!


10 responses to “Dose of Tuesday Cuteness

  1. Those blankets ARE adorable and the photo of Chase with the blanket on his head is precious! Don’t Shelties look like little old women when they have blankets or towels on their heads? We do that to Dakota all of the time!! lol (((hugs)))

  2. yes, they are super cute and the blanket with Chase is 100% eye candy :o)

  3. Oh Chase, you really know how to rock the fleece! Too cute. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love that second picture – just adorable!

  5. Those are great. Wish we had a Home Sense here!

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