Blood, beds and treats

The title sums up this post!

First, I donated blood and Chase was very concerned at what I had done! He kept snuffing the end of my finger where they had pricked it to test my iron levels. It was my first time donating and it went very well. I felt 100% great, like nothing had even happened 🙂


Second, Chase is still loving his new bed and he is just the sweetest thing in it too, look at this face, how cute he is?!


Last, but not least, I brought Chase home some treats today which he happily chewed away! This one is by Etta Says and it’s a duck chew!



13 responses to “Blood, beds and treats

  1. what a sweetheart he is! Do you know I have had to give away a TON of beds that I had bought (or won), for Dakota? He refused to use ANY of them and they were super nice too, like yours!
    He DOES use this flatter bed and the way I got him to use it, was I put it under our coffee table. I think it reminds him of when he used to sleep in his crate and he likes that.
    Kudos to you for the blood……years ago I nearly passed out when I donated and they told me not to donate blood again lol

    • Dakota is so fussy, what a boy he is! Thanks, yes if it makes you feel bad no point in doing it! I kept hearing the radio ads to donate and with Canada not paying donors I figured I’d give it a try since they are always in dire need of blood donors!

  2. bought Heidi a new bed this weekend, she flopped in it straight away and began scratching and rolling in it, scent-marking so it is definitely hers and has ignored it ever since. Woke up next day with her sleeping on the floor. Pah!

    • Lol, Chase did that for a few days, after the initial excitement, but he is back in it again to eat treats or take a quick nap. He still would rather sleep on the floor at night with the heat, but come winter he’ll be in it constantly! Shelties and their thick coats, can’t blame Heidi or Chase for liking the floor better 😉

  3. Chase is such a good boy to be worried about you and the blood donation

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    The bed suits him well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Chase that’s a fabulous bed, it looks like made for the sweetest dreams :o)

  6. Big kudos for donating blood. And that Chase…what an adorable face on his bed. Way too cute. 😉

  7. Sounds like a great time all round. Well done on donating blood. I’ve gone twice, but can’t donate at the moment.
    Ludo is always very concerned about cuts and injuries too.

  8. He is such a darling! Congrats on donating!!!!! Don’t you just love that big bed!

  9. what a cute pack of pups 🙂

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