Summer, is that you?!

We’ve had some muggy and hot days recently, while Chase isn’t a huge fan of the heat, it makes for pretty pictures πŸ™‚


Signature pant and sparkly eyes


The heat makes Joey pose like Chase too!


Joey’s a stunner!

DSCN4685 DSCN4689

Jasmine had no interest in posing with the little tree!


Pictures with zoom are Jasmine’s best, she’s too squirmy!


Chase LOVES to roll in the grass!


Now he’s checking to see if I’m watching, what show off!


My goofy fella!

DSCN4732 DSCN4735

Let us in, let us in! It is so darn hot out here!


14 responses to “Summer, is that you?!

  1. The rhododendron make a lovely backdrop for your adorable pups!

  2. lovely – especially the roll in the grass. Heidi loves a roll and she always give me that look too. I think she’s enjoying it so much she wants me to join in!

  3. Gorgeous dogs – I love no 3 of Joey and the last one of the two dogs looking up at the camera

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    Yes it does! And it has been VERY hot here!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. What? NO SNOW??!!! BOL BOL BOL!! Love the photos! Dakota LOVES to roll in the grass just like Chase!

  6. It is finally hot around here – and Choppy is currently sitting right under the air conditioning vent!

    • Choppy is a smart one!! Chase doesn’t have air conditioning, although I’ll definitely have to get it for him eventually, he spends all day and night panting in the summer!

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