Happy Canada Day!


Chase LOVES living in Canada!!!!

We went on a Canada Day adventure this morning 🙂


Sunroof view of Chase in his dog hammock 🙂


There’s quite a few big drops in this area so Chase was leashed for most of the walk just to be safe




One of the main reasons for the leash being on for this adventure! Lots of rocky cliffs here!


Side tongue makes an appearance

DSCN4770 DSCN4774 DSCN4778

Off leash and always walking by my side 🙂 What a good dog!


Back to my car for water time!


Drink out of the cap buddy…


There ya go!


Photo idea, he’s such a gorgeous boy, I need to get this picture framed!

DSCN4791 DSCN4802

Another big drop off on a separate stop we made on our little road trip, would not want him to fall off this edge! He was only unleashed to pose for a few pictures, then I put it back 😉 I’m nervous like that, but I’d rather be safe than sorry!


8 responses to “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Happy Happy Canada Day to you!!!!!!

  2. Best wishes on Canada Day. Chase is adorable as always and only improves the lovely scenery. 🙂

  3. Happy Canada Day Chase! Woof!!!

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    Happy Canada Day! Is it hot there too?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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