Finally, a beautiful morning

The weather hasn’t been great lately. Lots of rain and surprisingly cold temperatures! This morning was gorgeous though!


Chase’s grandpa put up the clothesline this weekend, Chase was a little nervous of the steel stopper that was sitting in the middle of the line, he thought for sure it was going to fall on his head!


“My mother goes to school and has a job now… she has less time for me so I am now even more attached to her hip when she is home!” – Chase

** Don’t worry, Chase has his grandparents and papillon friends to keep him company while I’m gone 🙂


Had some hose fun in the backyard today!


According to the home scale Chase has gained 5lbs! Arg. Hopefully it’s wrong… or he can finally shed some lbs for once!

We do what I call “yard laps” now, where we run the length of the yard over and over again. It’s definitely helping, he use to barely be able to complete his laps, now he does it with ease! 🙂 I’ll be adding more laps very soon to make it harder for both of us 😉


4 responses to “Finally, a beautiful morning

  1. OMG!! I posted a photo of Dakota on Instagram that looks almost exactly like YOUR selfie!! Too funny!

  2. Murphy & Stanley

    Hose fun and yard laps. Our kind of fun!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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