Throwback Thursday #16: Morgan edition

It’s Morgan’s turn!

She was like my best friend in dog form! I grew up with her and we were inseparable! RIP baby girl!

The following pictures are from 2004-2007

100_0592 100_1256

Typical Morgan laying on the couch with the remote in hand LOL

100_2971 christmas07 (32) christmas07 (50) christmas07 (87) march07 (4) march07 (21) n, (3) Pictures 003

I put soap bubbles on her head, she was so easy going you could do anything and she would not care, I use to dress her up a lot!


8 responses to “Throwback Thursday #16: Morgan edition

  1. Adorable! She looks like a furry pillow pet. 🙂

  2. Murphy & Stanley

    She looks like a kind hearted sweet girl!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. what an adorable sweetheart!

  4. Wow that’s pawsome that Morgan was the ruler of the remote … think I want this job too :o)

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