Throwback Thursday #14: Salem edition

Salem (RIP my buddy) is taking over Throwback Thursday

Here are pictures of Salem from 2004-2007 🙂 He was the best and coolest cat EVER!!!

100_1433 july07 (42) salem (15) salem (17)

Salem loved watching my fighting fish

salem (18) salem (45) salem (46) salem (53) salem (66)

Love this picture! it was the only time he ever did it too!

salem (72) salem (82)

No matter where we put our finches, Salem was watching them 😛

salem (83) salem

Miss you Salem! ❤


10 responses to “Throwback Thursday #14: Salem edition

  1. he had such beautiful eyes! Thank you for sharing him with us. Shelties are so good with kitties! xoxo

  2. Murphy & Stanley

    We do like the sink photo too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. He absolutely looks like a Salem, what a cool buddy! It was my moms dream once to have a black cat named Salem. Think here dream came true today through your blog :o) thanks :o)

  4. What a sweet face and love those green eyes!

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