Throwback Thursday #13: Sabrina takes over

It’s Sabrina’s turn to take over Throwback Thursday!

The following pictures are from between 2004-2007

oldpictures (3) oldpictures (6)

Always up to something

oldpictures (8)

Such a cute little kitten!

100_2919 100_3735


100_9984 gmc

Glad she doesn’t do this anymore and that my parents redid the bathroom

picture 012

We use to have an above ground pool (took it down because 1. it’s too cold to use most of the year and 2. the birds liked to poop on the cover all the time lol)

Pictures 064

Why can’t I sleep in here?

piczz (4)

How does pool water taste? (answer = not good)

sabrina p (1)

Trying to drink out of the kitchen sink tap

sabrina p (2) sabrina6j (5) sabrina6j (6)

Trying to attack the camera (one of my favorite pictures!)


Clean laundry is the best


8 responses to “Throwback Thursday #13: Sabrina takes over

  1. Murphy & Stanley

    Some great pics! She sure was a curious cutie!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. my Sheltie brother, (Dakota) told me about a kitty being on your blog today so of course I HAD to stop over. What a sweetheart Sabrina was! Love, Cody

  3. What a beautiful girl she is! So much personality! Thanks for sharing Sabrina with us!

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