Chase the lion?

Not much has been happening lately

Sunday was bath day for Chase! He’s smelling amazing now!


Today is a rainy Tuesday so we have to play inside


I’ve noticed something odd about Chase’s hair lately… it is like a lion mane! The hair around his head sticks up, which it never use to.

My only explanation is that Chase use to wear a collar 24/7. At the end of last year I had noticed the hair under the collar had gotten incredibly thin despite his collar being so loose he would slip out of it on walks.

Chase has been collar-less ever since and now he looks like a little lion!


14 responses to “Chase the lion?

  1. Those flat collars always matted the fur on Sam’s neck; since I’ve switched to a round leather one, no issues. I’d be way too afraid if Sam got away without a collar on so this way my neurosis are somewhat assuaged. 🙂 He’s still got that adorable face, with or without a collar!

  2. Murphy & Stanley

    Then he better learn how to roar! Me and Stanley don’t wear collars. We only wear halters if we go somewheres.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. His ruff has had time to fill in 🙂 I left Oskar’s collar off as much as possible to make sure his ruff remained as full as possible.

  4. Oh Chase the water torture? wow… I have rain too, maybe that will replace the next bath, I’m totally wet now :o)

    • Chase loves to be sprayed outside with water, but in a tub he’s not pleased 😉 Make sure you remind your owner of your rain bath next bath day, might get you out of it Easy 🙂

  5. I’m not sure Choppy would like the lion-look – the whole idea of being compared to a cat (even a big one!) might be an issue!

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