Throwback Thursday #12: Joey takes over

Joey is taking over Throwback Thursday!

Here are his absolutely adorable puppy pictures from the May/June 2011

Joey (24) Joey (27) Joey (34) Joey (40) Joey (70)

He stole a roll of toilet paper!

Joey (74)

Luckily he was too small to pull the curtains down

Joey (79) Joey (87) Joey (110) Joey (120)

Helping garden! SO CUTE!

Joey (122) Joey (135)


8 responses to “Throwback Thursday #12: Joey takes over

  1. OMD… my momma is in “puppy fever” now :o) what a cute pup! I love the tp roll too, it’s perfect to make a wishlist for santa paws :o)

  2. so precious!!! The toilet paper is almost larger than he is!

  3. Oh Joey, you have he cutest ears. What an adorable pupster!

  4. OMC he is soooo adorabe! You can just see what a little stinker he was though πŸ™‚

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