Welcome Sunshine!

The weather is finally getting better, I hope it sticks around! I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, so today’s post is a catch up post with pictures from the last couple of weeks 🙂


This is how Sabrina helps make beds 🙂



Papillon wrestling matches


This Friday was a bit chilly, but we still had a blast in the backyard! I got some plastic toy balls out and the 3 dogs were so happy!

DSCN4128 DSCN4129 DSCN4130 DSCN4148 DSCN4166 DSCN4171

When the papillons went back inside for a bit (they go in and out a lot)… Chase and I went to the other side of the fence to show the rest of the yard’s snow level. Still more to melt, but it’s getting a lot better!

The papillons have no recall skills, if they get out, they are gone! Hence why we waited for them to leave before venturing outside the fenced area 😉



DSCN4194 DSCN4208


7 responses to “Welcome Sunshine!

  1. Murphy & Stanley

    Fun, fun. fun! Did you want me to come over to play ball with you?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I think I am gonna die 😉

  3. Pawsome ball playing action!

  4. Oh Chase, I can’t believe that adorable face of yours doesn’t just melt ALL the snow in one afternoon. You are too stinking adorable. Now…let play ball!

  5. Awk, not Chase, Dakota. I’m reading too many blogs at the same time. Sorry ’bout that. 🙂

  6. The snow is almost gone! Yay!

  7. Chase and I went to the other side of the fence to show the rest of the yard’s … ffencep.wordpress.com

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