Snow Post #20… Yes that’s right

Well we got more snow today. Only a few cm, but considering it’s April 28… any amount is too much!

I can’t even bring myself to post pictures.

I will say my drive home was scary this afternoon! My usual 35 minute drive turned into an hour drive!

The roads were this slushy icy mess! The front of my car had a few cm thick of icy slush coated on it when I got home.


I guess we will skip from winter to summer then?

Chase as per usual doesn’t mind at all, he’s happy like always! Gotta love him for always being so positive about the weather 😉

Snow, rain, sun, clouds, freezing rain, wind, hail… it’s all good to Chase!!


12 responses to “Snow Post #20… Yes that’s right

  1. Condolences…with hope that Spring is just around the corner waiting to pop out and surprise you! 🙂

  2. OMD snow in april…. and we nearly have may… that mother nature has a weird kind of humor…

  3. Where do you live again?

  4. Hope it is just poor man’s fertilizer and it goes away quickly. We’re supposed to get 19C today so maybe that will move East for you guys.

  5. Murphy & Stanley

    That is just too depressing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. No!! This is so wrong! You should not be allowed to get more snow!

    – Sarah (and Choppy) –
    Travels with Choppy

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