One Goal

I’ve been extra busy lately!

We just watched the Chicago Blackhawk game from last night and were very pleased to see Chicago pull off a win! We are moving on! Got to love the playoffs!


Photo courtesy of the Chicago Blackhawks Facebook Page! I love this shot, it’s amazing!

I can not wait to experience a Chicago game live like this someday! 🙂


Got a new Blackhawks T-shirt last week to wear around the house, it’s super comfy! Chase says “Go Blackhawks!”


8 responses to “One Goal

  1. Murphy & Stanley

    We are not big sports fans BUTT dad does like hockey. And I would chase that puck!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Yesss! The next round should be pawsome-lots of rockum/sockum hockey…the best kind. Go Hawks! 🙂

  3. Go Blackhawks! Paws crossed for your team :o)

  4. Sorry but I am originally from Cleveland, (lived there 35 yrs) and I am hoping the Cavs kick your butt! hehehe

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