Chase the Toy Hoarder

Chase is obsessed with these little cat jingly balls, he steals them from Joey and Jasmine and takes them to his room.


Any one know a good interventionist for dogs 😉 LOL


4 responses to “Chase the Toy Hoarder

  1. The best toys are those we can steal from someone :o)

  2. Oh you ARE brave! I keep all of Cody’s (our cat), toys behind a baby gate! None of them come out here. Why? Because I am too afraid that Dakota would eat them, he definitely would! You are lucky that Chase isn’t like that!

    • I keep Chase’s up on my desk! He is good playing with them, but he will get bored and start chewing it eventually. He has only ruined one so far (he did not eat any parts, he left them all on the floor, I took a picture I’ll have to post it tomorrow)!

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