Throwback Thursday #8

Throwback to August 2012!

SAM_3112 SAM_3119

First trip to the beach!

SAM_3122 SAM_3123 SAM_3132 SAM_3140 SAM_3146 SAM_3176 SAM_3217 SAM_3254 SAM_3264 SAM_3315 SAM_3419 SAM_3443


14 responses to “Throwback Thursday #8

  1. you really jumped in that giant bathtub? on your first tript to the beach? wow that’s brave!!! I only ran around like crazy as I saw that beach the first time, my dad had to carry me home :o)

  2. darling photos! Dakota has never been to the beach. I often wonder what he would think of it.

  3. You are far braver than Choppy was on her first trip to the beach! It took many trips before she would go in. Waves intimidated her.

    • Chase is a “I’ll follow you where ever you go” kind of dog, I just walked in the water and he followed lol. We don’t get surf-worthy waves at our beaches, I think Chase would hate those kind of waves!

      • Choppy did get over the ‘real waves’ – she has never had trouble with ponds and lakes where there aren’t legitimate waves, though. Well, so long as you don’t make her swim – she is a wader (like Chase!).

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    So you’ve been handsome furever! Maybe we can swim together in the Blogville Ocean on day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Sweet photos Chase and Mom! We have a bit of a site change, it is now.
    Marty and Mom

  6. LOVE that view from grass level-so cute. 🙂

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