Scary Saturday Morning!

I took Chase out to pee like I do every morning. Sometimes I go out with him, other times I don’t. This time I did and I have never been more happy that I did!!!

I was walking right down with him. I stood with my back to the snowbank/fence.

For some reason I turned around… and standing right behind me was this:



It looked at me and I looked at it. It took me a second to even register that there was a fox in our yard. We have NEVER seen a fox in our neighborhood, let alone our backyard!!

Once I registered what it was and that it was NOT scared of me at all…. I ran over to Chase picked him and up and went right inside!

I am SO glad the papillons were not with us, that could have been a disaster! Chase did not see the fox, thankfully because he would have freaked out!

I am still in a shock that the fox did not move an inch. It stared at me as I ran to take Chase into the house. I got in the house and it still just stood there looking around. I grabbed my camera and managed to get this shot of it causally walking away.

I don’t know what the fox’s intentions were, maybe it thought Chase was a fox friend or maybe it was looking for food… either way, I am quite freaked out!

Until the snow melts, the dogs are NOT going in the backyard alone!!!


19 responses to “Scary Saturday Morning!

  1. OMD that’s not the fox of that song what says ringdingding… I so agree that are horrible moments… Glad you got Chase before he met this guy in the furs … I saw one too on our neighbors meadow and I ended as a humanoid kite, because Easy acted like an idiot…. I will never walk alone with my 80 lbs of TNT on the leash :o)

  2. We have a “dysfunctional” racoon living around here which we suspect may have rabies. Rather than risk Ray doing what comes natural too him (chase it off the property and attack if necessary), we now have to scan the back garden before letting him out and, if it is at night, leash him and go out with him. We have had isolated fox sightings also. I guess you just never know what you might confront, especially after a hard Winter.

  3. Despite living just 3 miles from DOWNTOWN Denver (pop. 3.5M in the metro area), we have foxes, raccoons, and a couple coyotes. I’ve even had a couple of deer parading through the front garden like it was a salad bar and it’s always shocking to me. Thankfully Sam hasn’t had any encounters up close and personal. He’d take off running after any escaping critters and lord knows I’d never be able to catch him. Kudos on capturing the image. Foxes are opportunists but incredibly beautiful. Glad you are all safe. πŸ™‚

    • Wow, that is crazy! We have had 2 deer sightings total, no coyotes I would freak out if I saw a coyote! Chase loves to chase things as well like Sam! Thanks, I will not be letting Chase chill in the backyard until these banks melt and we actually have a fence to keep critters like this out!

  4. I am sure that Chase’s color did confuse it. Am really glad the Littles weren’t out with you too!
    Marty and Mom

  5. Wow! I saw a fox in our neighborhood one spring. I’m watching it walk up the sidewalk like a human, and I was thinking, “Those are pretty big ears for a cat,” and then I realized – not a cat! A fox! I was stunned! And I live in a “city”! Glad the dogs are okay! πŸ™‚ Ellie

  6. Great photo, well done. We have foxes as out neighbour feeds them, and has a ‘fox flap’ in her back door. Elsa has not met one yet that I know of, though has seen them at a distance, but she’s used to the foxy smells in the garden. Should Chase roll in fox nasties then I’m told tomato ketchup is a good deodorizer!

  7. Beautiful fox, but scary situation! I once thought one had gotten one of my parents’ cats as it walked by me with a creature in its mouth. It turned out to be a rabbit, but a scary moment nonetheless!

  8. Murphy & Stanley

    Yup, our mom would be freaked out big time!!! Good thing your mom took fast action!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. That is an amazing and beautiful photo, but I’m glad you were out with your pup!

    I remember once, many years ago when Kasper was new to us, I was walking him off-lead in a field. There was a fox wandering across the field just in front of us!

    Kasper began racing towards it, and I waited for the fox to notice and take off away from him. Didn’t happen, I had to yell as loud as I could “OI!!” and the fox turned, saw Kasper, and sprinted away. I think Kasper thought it was another dog… πŸ™‚

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