Snow Post #19 – Is this spring?

Another snowstorm… predicted amount is 25cm this time. The wind is picking up now!

It’s a wet snow this time, yuck. I haven’t been out in it today, but Chase was out “helping” dad shovel… well barking while dad shoveled and getting snow thrown at him with the shovel LOL

I’m over the snow! And the snow is over the tall fence!


I took this picture from the warmth of inside 😉 Dad shovels and snow blows areas of the yard so the dogs have places to use the bathroom and run around… unfortunately this latest snowfall is ruining the work the he did a few days ago widening the yard

Here’s a comparison picture to what the backyard looked like with a light dusting of snow… the tall fence is about 7 feet


Spring? What is this spring thing people are talking about?


Shoveling is hard work! (that white thing behind him is egg white, he never finished his Sunday egg, he likes the yolk better LOL)

*update: 10 minutes later the egg white was suddenly gone… he must of know I was thinking of throwing it out haha


10 responses to “Snow Post #19 – Is this spring?

  1. wow…where is Miss Spring? she probably forgot to visit your area… I like the eggyolk too… and I place the white stuff somewhere, for the mice or the birds… :o)

  2. Spring has been illusive but the store while they do the major white dump tend to go away quickly here. Winter is definitely overrated! 🙂 Stay warm.

  3. we thankfully missed that storm, hoping we have either NO MORE or just one more by April 15th! In Michigan, after April 15th we SHOULD be free and clear!

  4. Murphy & Stanley

    You poor pups. You need some spring!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We had snow also, but it was about 1.5 inches. It melted by the end of Saturday (although I still had to shovel it). I hope it melts soon for you! Ellie

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