Snow Post #17

It’s another snowy Sunday. This morning we woke up to another blizzard which is expecting to drop another 30 cm or more upon us.

Humans are not thrilled. Chase is excited as per usual!

DSCN3569 DSCN3570 DSCN3575

Keep shoveling off the deck but it just blows back in!

DSCN3578 DSCN3582

A leaf blew by, Jasmine was on the hunt!

DSCN3583 DSCN3590

Every time I wear these boots, Jasmine pulls on the strings


Joey says “I’ll watch from in here”


“Shovels are amazing!” – Chase


6 responses to “Snow Post #17

  1. Shall I come with my mommas hairdryer to blow it away? I’m with Joey I better watch that white confetti through my screen :o)

  2. Omigosh I am so sorry for the snow (for the humans!). I love snow, too, but my mum and dad are sick of it!! Love, the dog 🙂

  3. Murphy & Stanley

    This is so unlike our weather today!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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