I have changed the layout of the blog!

Check out the following new menu pages as well:


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Flashback to the last blizzard we had….

Get ready, another one is hitting us today!

Yet another snow post coming soon! Chase can’t hardly wait!


5 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. I like it! it’s great! I think it’s time to clean up my blog too, it’s a chaos and I would like to have it well organized like yours.

  2. Lookin’ good!!! Please be safe, I think the snow has passed being “fun” for Boston and surrounding areas. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • I can’t even imagine how bad it must be in Boston! I have visited there twice, a beautiful city and great people in it. For a large city to get that much snow is unthinkable!

      Even in Atlantic Canada the snow has passed fun for the people, I think Chase is the only one enjoying it anymore 😉 Although he was not impressed with the wind gusts this morning during his morning pee!

  3. Love the new layout! You’re inspiring me to make changes to my own blog though it’ll have to be after I shovel the last storm away.

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