Winter dog poop clean up!

Not the most fun topic, but most dog owners can talk about poop openly!

I have heard of the most insane thing, people wait until spring before they clean their yard? WHY on earth would you wait months on end? WHY would you make your dog walk around a yard filled with poop? GROSS! I hope none of my readers do this, but if you do, fess up and tell me your reasoning!

My winter dog poop clean up tips:

– Use a steel shovel… frozen turds are tough to get up and your summer tools will not be able to handle the job!

– Have a garbage bag to put all the poop in

– Put the garbage bag on the curb to be taken away with your trash every week

– Most importantly: clean up the yard a few times a week! I typically clean the yard up every other day

– Clean the yard before every snowfall!!!

That last point is SO important! You know when snow is coming, so the day before or the day of, go outside and clean the entire yard! This prevents you from having a huge spring mess!

With 3 dogs, keeping up with the poop is very important!


7 responses to “Winter dog poop clean up!

  1. too bad you missed our contest a few weeks ago where we were giving away a new scooper called “Catch A Poo” you should check it out!

    • I did see that!

      I don’t think Chase would be too impressed if I followed him around and put a bag under his bum LOL 🙂

      He is an odd boy, he will only poop in his fenced backyard. He use to do the same with peeing too! It took him 2 years before he finally would pee on walks, he use to wait until he got back home!

  2. A very impawtant topic! We don’t seem to get snow but our garden turns into a mud mire in the winter, Mum tries to get us to do our business out on walks so she can pick up as we go. Bol!

  3. oh I agree… it’s the worst when not only the snow melts away… we check our back yard every day for mines, it’s the horror to remove the recycled food from easy’s paws :o)

  4. Luckily, Sam only poops on our walks. Nothing like trying to fish out a nice deuce out of 6-8″ of fresh snow. Sigh. 🙂

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