Snow Post #14 – Blizzard (the sequel)

We got walloped Monday night with snow! About 50cm fell in total, adding to two previous snowstorms, making for giant drifts and giant snowbanks!

Our neighborhood blew a transformer and we had no power between 4am-930am.



Here is what the backyard looked like one week ago:


I love taking pictures so here are some from our snowday! šŸ™‚


The only picture you will get of Sabrina and snow together


Chase showing how high the drifts are


Chase never ever tires of this game

DSCN2784 DSCN2790 DSCN2793

I always check to make sure the drifts do not allow for the dogs to walk right over to the other side of the fence. It was a big problem in our area last year, a lot of people did not think to check for this and their dogs got away!


It was insanely cold on top of it, so Jasmine was with Joey on this one, inside is better! I had to make Chase come inside too, it was way too cold


15 responses to “Snow Post #14 – Blizzard (the sequel)

  1. we have a ton of snow too but luckily our power stayed on. That had to be awful without it!

  2. That’s lots more snow than we have! Mom knows we would not enjoy plowing through all that white stuff. Chase, you are very brave!

  3. I used to have to make a moat around my yard in NB so the dogs couldn’t jump what little was left of the fence.

    • LOL, yes that is exactly what people need to do! Unfortunately a lot don’t, then they act shocked when their dogs walk right over to the other side and run away.

      I dug a “moat” as well last year, luckily the wind created a cave on each side of the fence this year so I won’t have to do that (yet at least)

  4. OK, I know that Chase loves his snow, but I am calling that “too much of a good thing” šŸ™‚ You all stay safe and warm!

  5. oh that looks like the north pole… and I howled about my 6.5 flakes what came accidentally to my back yard :o)

  6. Gulp…seeing all of your snow, I definitely need to stop my complaining! Stay warm and safe and cuddle with the 4-legged ones.

    • LOL, it’s unusual for us to get that much in one week, but every year it accumulates to this point.

      They said we got more snow in the last week than we got in January and February combined last year! So I am thinking, uh-oh! Hopefully, we don’t get too much more this month!

  7. No power? Did it get very cold? That always worries me. Here in AZ we have the opposite in the summer – if the power goes out the house can get insanely hot.

    Monty and Harlow

    • It got a little cold. If it stayed out too long we would have went to my grandparents house with the animals and if the whole town was to lose power for too long we’d also go there because they have a generator.

      We never worry about it getting too hot here, we don’t even have an air conditioner!

      Chase says you can keep the heat, but I will definitely visit Arizona at some point! šŸ™‚

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