Grass – A Snack For Some Dogs

Growing up we had two Shih Tzus who would only eat grass before throwing up. Grass and throwing up in dogs is a bit like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first? Does the dog eat grass to make themselves throw up? Or does the dog eat grass because they are going to throw up?

I always hear the phrase “dogs eat grass to throw up” or “dogs eat grass because their stomach is upset”

With Chase and Joey, we noticed something different. They would graze on the grass in the backyard all the time. They would never throw it up either!

That’s when I realized, some dogs just like the taste of grass!

I planted cat grass for Sabrina and for the dogs as well. Chase loves to smell it, as well as, eat a few pieces at a time.

P.S. Sabrina is loving her grass, it has really perked her up! She gets the winter blues, so you have to plant some grass every so often to remind her it still exists, it also takes the grumpy cat scowl off her face 😉

She was sleeping when I went to take grass pictures for the blog post so I only have ones of Chase to share:


Yay! Grass! 🙂


I can eat it on my own


But, having help is even better!


9 responses to “Grass – A Snack For Some Dogs

  1. It would end not well with grass in my crib. I use it the same way like the Shih Tzus :o) but that’s a good question, which comes first…

  2. Zoey is obsessed with eating grass, but will eat far more than is good for her! We actually have to keep her away from long grass on her walks so she doesn’t eat too much, which is a pain!

    Kasper on the other hand likes to have a sample every now and then…he’s much more sensible than Zoey! 🙂

  3. I LOVE eating grass and weeds!!! Mmmmm 🙂

  4. Abbe and Anne love kitty grass. Oskar grazed on certain grasses at my Mom and Dad’s and I see Mazie doing it sometimes too.

  5. When I owned Old English Sheepdogs, they also loved grass, to the point I thought they were part goat. 😉 I was told that herders were genetically predisposed to eating grass while they tended flocks as ‘regular’ food wasn’t readily available which makes sense when you think about it. In Sam’s case though, eating grass is inevitably associated means some sort of digestive distress. 😦

  6. Hey, I like grass too!
    My minions often say “you’re a sheepdog, not a sheep!” when I’m grazing 🙂

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