Throwback Thursday #2

I’ve only ever done ONE throw back Thursday post, how’d that happen?!

Here is a flashback to 2 years ago, some photos from January 2013! Enjoy seeing a 10 month old Chase 🙂

DSCN0947 DSCN0959

He was always a little goofy!

DSCN0985 DSCN1031

Tubing in the backyard (on the other side of the fenced area is a hill)


An adorable picture taker from the beginning 🙂


And he went through a major head tilting phase, anytime he heard a noise he would tilt his head to the side and stare at where the noise was coming from, in this photo it was my cellphone (he still does this to high-pitched noises)


7 responses to “Throwback Thursday #2

  1. The head tilt is so cute.

    • I have videos of him tilting his head back and forth as I played with different sounds on my cellphone! I must remember to add videos to some posts, that will be a nice change for the blog!

  2. Chase has ALWAYS been so adorable!

  3. your eyes in the second photo, that’s priceless. I like the way you played with your toys!

  4. LOVE the head tilt! Totally adorbs.

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