Snow Post #12 – Blizzard Edition

Another snow post, because, quite frankly, that is all that goes on here at the moment!

Yay Blizzard! We are suppose to get 30-45 cm today. All schools and the majority of workplaces shut down for the day. This is Atlantic Canada so we should be back up and ready to go tomorrow 😉

As per usual, here are some adorable snow pictures from today


“Hurry up, we can’t go out here with you!”

DSCN2267 DSCN2275

A rare sighting of Joey outside in the snow!


Chase and Jasmine love snow!



Nothing beats having snow thrown at you with a shovel!

DSCN2328 DSCN2355 DSCN2360



Wow! What a shot!!!

DSCN2421 DSCN2451

“This snow stuff is not too bad at all!” – Jasmine



“Let me know when it’s May” – Sabrina


Jasmine & Joey


Jasmine decided to frog leg it across the snow drifts LOL


12 responses to “Snow Post #12 – Blizzard Edition

  1. These pictures are adorable!!!! Hope you all had a good day!

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun even in a blizzard. We had sunny but cold day here in Ontario.

    • We always have fun when it snows! I’m sure a lot of people here would trade with Ontario 😉 We like the snow!

      Although if the forecaster are right, it might be getting out of hand soon… 5-10cm friday, 5-10cm saturday and 25-35cm monday… It’ll be fun to play in, but not fun to shovel or drive in!

  3. I’m with Sabrina… I rather wait till may :o) I never saw so much snow… we had 3 cm once and even that was enough to drive the people of my area crazy :o)

  4. Such a cute blog! I wish I had snow here…and a doggie (though don’t tell my cat I said that). 😉 Cheers! – phoebe

  5. It looks like they really enjoy the snow!

    Monty and Harlow

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