Snow Post #11

Remember my last snow post where I said I should start numbering them? I searched my blog and found out that this will be snow-related post #11!!!

This is from last night! We got a few cms of snow followed by freezing rain. (This was before the freezing rain hit)


“OMG! It’s snowing? Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?!”

DSCN2215 DSCN2216

Joey, Jasmine and Chase enjoying a fresh snow!

Don’t you just love the two by four over the hot tub? LOL. My dad thinks it will keep the tarp covering it from blowing away


I’ve changed out of my slippers and into boots, let’s do this!


“Snow tastes delicious”


There is nothing Chase loves more than having snow thrown at him!


If I open my mouth wide enough, I should be able to catch it all

DSCN2243 DSCN2248

Jasmine says hello! I love snow too 🙂


Throwing snow at Chase from the deck!


3 responses to “Snow Post #11

  1. you have more snow than we do!

  2. Oh brrrrr – way too cold for us!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Looks like a grand time! We Might get some snow this coming Saturday. It has been a sadly snow-free winter 😦

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