Yet another snow post!

I guess I should start putting numbers with my snow posts! Every time it snows, I can’t help but make a post about it!

This one is short, this is something Chase loves to do when it freshly snows:


He lays in it!

I swear he does not feel the cold! He lays in the snow for awhile too.Ā I keep checking on him, but he is perfectly content!


8 responses to “Yet another snow post!

  1. How cute, he looks like he’s smiling about the snow! šŸ™‚

  2. Ah but chase does look lovely all covered in snow!

  3. He looks so adorable! Oskar loved to lay in the snow too. He would stay out as long as I would let him.

  4. Chase needs to come over and teach Dakota to like the snow! Dakota does NOT love it!

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