Second snow of 2015!

More snow! OMG! Chase is in heaven right now!

Jasmine is super excited too, Chase finally has a snow friend other than me! Joey only comes outside to run around for a few minutes then he goes inside 😉


Ankle Biters!




Jasmine is head over heels for snow!

DSCN2029DSCN2035 DSCN2041

Beautiful Chase in the snow!


Barking at the shovel, as per usual….




Jasmine is like Chase, covered in snow and does not care at all!


Joey came outside for a visit

DSCN2077 DSCN2080

Joey only likes a light dusting of snow… “Not this much snow again” ~ Joey


Chase and Jasmine watching Joey


Everybody get Joey!


Joey runs circles around Chase… but Jasmine is just as fast as him!

Fun Fact: Joey is named after the Friends TV Show character

While we were trying to come up with a name for my parents’ new puppy, I watched the episode of friends where Chandler and Joey are trying to get Phoebe to name one of the triplets after one of them. Joey’s argument was “Joey’s your pal. Joey’s your buddy. “Where is everybody?” “Well, they’re hanging out with Joey.” I thought, wow that sounds like everything you want from a dog hahaha so we named him Joey 🙂


3 responses to “Second snow of 2015!

  1. Love love the pictures!!! That is great how Joey got his name!!! We got snow, but it is so cold that the Girls can’t even go out for very long. I had to carry the little ones in and rub Mazie’s paws because they got so cold this morning.

  2. I’m kind of with Joey! But you can’t deny how enthusiastic some pups can be for that wicked white stuff and smile just watching them enjoy themselves. 🙂

  3. wish I liked snow as much as you do!

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