New year = new snow!

It’s snowing! As you know, Chase could not be happier 🙂


The papillons loved it too… Jasmine is more into snow than Joey though!


DSCN1985 DSCN1992



8 responses to “New year = new snow!

  1. while the photos are adorable, keep the snow THERE lol. We are supposed to get it this week!

  2. They all look so happy!!!

  3. We only have a dusting too. I like it that way.

  4. Hi Chase,

    We live in the tropics, so no snow for us ever. We enjoy seeing dogs having fun in the snow… and seeing you and your pals playing with that white stuff makes us wish that we have snow too.

    Happy New Year.

    Wags and Kisses x0x0x Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo

  5. I used to enjoy the snow, but since I now have to shovel it (and a large corner lot to boot–what was I thinking buying a house on a big corner lot?), not nearly as much. 🙂 Enjoy chasing and catching snowflakes on your tongue and shaking them off your nose. Stay warm!

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