Christmas Gifts – Revealed!!

It’s time to reveal Chase’s Christmas gifts… one which is particularly awesome!

It’s Christmas morning and I can finally get my presents!


Present 1 = Milk Bones! (not a usual treat for Chase)


Present 2 = Frisbee!!





DSCN1886 DSCN1885

This is amazing, it changes colors! We can play Frisbee in the dark now!

Present 3 = a marrow bone, which I never took a picture of because Chase ended up playing with his frisbee for so long I forgot all about itย ๐Ÿ˜›


7 responses to “Christmas Gifts – Revealed!!

  1. What an awesome Frisbee!

  2. Love the Frisbee! Our sheltie got Pupperoni from his grandma.

  3. Wow, where did you get the frisbee?

  4. That is the neatest frisbee! What fun!!!

  5. What an awesome frisbee. Beckett would love one, if the plastic isn’t too hard.

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