Chase’s Cow Story

This happened over a week ago, but I was too busy with my 12 Dog Days of Christmas Photo Challenge to post about it! I have a free post day today before I continue with the challenge so I thought I should finally tell it, it’s pretty funny!

We live in town, not in the rural outskirts. Keep this in mind while I tell you what happened!

I was trying to get myself up, my alarm had already gone off, but I am just not a morning person. It was about 6:30 am.

Suddenly, Chase starts barking, big time, freaking out! I sit up and see him barking towards my bedroom window. I tell him to stop, but he keeps going. Of course at this point he has Joey and Jasmine barking from their room too!

I get up, get ready and just before I leave at 7:00 am, I see a roll of flyers at the end of the driveway. I go to the end of the driveway to pick them up and I notice a large round pile of… mud?? Wait that does not look like mud… bear poop? Some giant animal poop?? OMG! I am slightly freaked out by it, it is pitch dark out. I look around and see nothing, and speed walk back into the garage. I tellΒ my mother before I leave, she tells me I am crazy and that it must be mud.


When I come home, my mother tells me that the “mud” was actually cow poop! YUCK! Turns out there were 6 black cows roaming around our neighborhood!

That is what Chase heard at 6:30 am… the sound of cows walking by my window!


Chase had gone outside again around 8:00 am and refused to come inside. He kept barking at the fence and would not stop. My mom went outside to investigate and that’s when she saw the 6 cows walking around!

The cows were not caught until after 9:00 am by their farmer… so they were roaming for a few hours!


They left quite the path of destruction too. There was poop everywhere and with all the rain, their hooves sank a few inches into the ground, leaving everyone’s lawns a hole-y mess!

But what we all took away from the story is: Chase is an excellent guard dog! πŸ™‚


7 responses to “Chase’s Cow Story

  1. Shelties ARE excellent guard dogs! πŸ™‚ Ellie

  2. Yes he is! If you listen to him at 0630….in the dark…..don’t step in the “mud”….MOL!

  3. Shelties bark at anything new. I’m not sure mine would be good guard dogs though as they only bark at the door bell and not at people who just walk in.

  4. Sometimes it’s more than quite remarkable what happens by in the city. This summer, I saw 3 deer in my yard and I live a mere 3 miles from downtown Denver! Not the usual wildlife for an early morning. πŸ™‚

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