Chase could be a hearing aid dog!

I started watching a TV show on A&E called “Dogs of War”. It is about a war veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who needed a service dog. Getting a service dog was hard and would cost A TON of money. So he began his own organization that takes shelter dogs and turns them into service dogs for veterans with emotional disorders such as PTSD. It’s an amazing show!

A few days ago I was laying on my bed watching TV, I had my hand at the edge of the bed and I had my headphones on.

My mother called my name, but I could not hear her. Chase IMMEDIATELY jumped up and walked over to my closed bedroom door. My mother called my name again and Chase ran over to the side of my bed and nudged my hand. I made the connection between her saying my name and Chase’s behaviors. He knows my name and was trying to tell me that someone was calling me! How amazing is that! The sad thing is, he has been doing this for awhile now, but I noticed before 😛


I am also told he runs to the back door if anyone even utters my name while I am not at home!

We have an intercom system in the house so if you are at one end or in the basement you can use it. It has a specific ringtone as well. When this goes off in my room, Chase exhibits the same kind of behaviors. They vary from: jumping up from a dead sleep, staring at the bedroom door, pacing the room, nudging my hand, licking my hand, whining at me or barking at me.


Once I pay attention to his sound alerting behavior, he will then try to get me to follow him to the source of the sound.

Basically, Chase is already a hearing aid dog, despite having no training!

Going back to the show, “Dogs of War”, when they pick shelter dogs they talk about the dog having a natural ability to be a service dog. I now understand what they mean more than ever!


Chase follows me everywhere too, both inside and outside. As I type he is laying beside my computer chair. When I am outside cleaning up the plethora of dog poop, he walks with me. I’ve never had a dog like this before. It’s nice to have a dog that cares that much about you! I grew up with a shih-tzu that would run away every chance she got, so a dog that is attached to my hip like this is strange and wonderful for me 🙂


4 responses to “Chase could be a hearing aid dog!

  1. Chase is a natural. I think you have found your “heart” dog like my Oskar was, what a wonderful thing for you 🙂

  2. It’s lovely that he wants to be so helpful.

  3. I think you’ve got a real natural there. WTG, Chase!

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