Chase – Eye Problem Update

It is now safe to say that I finally determined what was making Chase’s eye(s) ooze green goop on a reoccurring basis for a few months.

After an exhaustive search on the internet and two vet trips (one involving sedating Chase to thoroughly examine his eyes)… I found out it was all an allergic reaction to Lysol Fabric Mist. OMG. It was as simple as that!


I was reading dog forums of owners experiencing similar eye problems and finally about a month ago I came across one where a user suggested they look into air irritants such as fabric mists and air fresheners. A light bulb went off in my head! I had purchased a bottle of Lysol Fabric Mist which I spayed all over my room to get rid of the wet dog smell Chase kept filling the room with after being sprayed by the hose. I would spray it on fabrics once a week because I loved the smell of it.

I checked my order history along with my eye goop tracker which I had been making and the dates lined up. I received the fabric mist one week before Chase’s eyes started oozing green goop.

I never fathomed that this fabric mist was the root of Chase’s eye problems. UGH.

On the bright side, I finally have an answer! And in the month that I have stopped using the spray, Chase has had zero eye issues.

Bottom line: Chase is allergic to Lysol Fabric Mist.

Beware fellow pet owners!


2 responses to “Chase – Eye Problem Update

  1. So glad you discovered what was causing all the trouble!

  2. I have to watch what dryer sheets I use because Ralphie is allergic to them. So glad you figured it out too!

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