Chase’s renewed strength

Chase’s new food/medicine routine is working wonders already!

He eats Now Fresh small breed grain free dry food… with a sprinkling of 4 in 1 joint rescue on it everyday!


This is the first dry food Chase has EVER enjoyed in his life! I’ve always had to hand feed him just to get him to eat a handful of it because he would refuse to eat any on his own.


Chase loves this stuff so much!

I am super happy as well because it means no more feeding medicine soaked bread every day!

Both products are made in Canada which makes me even happier!



Chase approves 🙂

He snacks on it throughout the day, and I usually have to give him more after supper because he has cleaned the bowl


Today I was outside playing Frisbee/keep away with Chase and WOW! is he ever strong! I already have to wear winter gloves in order to get a grip/not get my hands cut by the frisbee and today I could not win the tug of war game! We took a break from this game since he switched food and medicine because I did not want him chasing the frisbee until I knew the medicine worked (he goes all out when he plays frisbee!). Today was our test and it went better than ever!

Results list for Chase:

He is:

  • Stronger
  • Happier
  • Has more energy
  • Plays with the other dogs more
  • He seems like he may have a lost a few pounds (too soon to tell though)
  • Moves easier
  • His hair is softer
  • He’s very bouncy now, he does this cute 2 bounce thing before he chases Jasmine)
  • TMI alert: he poops on a schedule (when he gets up in the morning and after supper) and it is always solid (on grocery store brands this was not the case… he had to get a “bum wash” on an almost weekly basis)

I credit both the medicine and the grain free food for all these wonderful changes for Chase! 🙂


6 responses to “Chase’s renewed strength

  1. I could read your posts all day! Love your blog! Keep it up, If you can check me out!

  2. This is fantastic news!!!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you and Chase 🙂 Keep us updated!
    Marty’s Mom

  3. Always nice when they like their food. Glad he enjoys it. My guys are on grain free too but now they’re saying it shouldn’t include peas high on the ingredient list either. I’ll have to check ours out for that.

    • For most people I know their dog eating it’s food is nothing special! For me, it’s a miracle, even as a puppy he refused to eat his dry food!

      Hmmm, mine has peas as the #4 ingredient… why are they saying that now? I take info like that with a grain of salt… they are always changing their minds about what is good and not good for both people and dogs!

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