Yawning = Love?

I was doing my usual thing, taking many many pictures of the dogs when I got a picture of Chase yawning and a picture of Jasmine yawning

DSCN9938 DSCN9949

When Chase yawns, he yawns BIG… and with his eye open the whole time

I was making fun of him and pretend-yawning REALLY big with my eyes open and he yawned right back at me!

We all know when someone yawns, it often makes another person yawn.

I found this article: http://www.livescience.com/38949-yawn-and-find-out-if-your-dog-loves-you.html

“a new study from Teresa Romero and colleagues from the University of Tokyo found that not only do dogs yawn contagiously, but their yawning does not seem to be a sign of stress — and, like humans, they are more likely to yawn with someone they are emotionally bonded to.”

So, yawn and if your dog yawns too, he/she loves you 😉


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