Fireworks + Chase = Fear

I forgot to write this post over the weekend!

Our town had a fall celebration which included a fireworks display Friday night. We live VERY close to where they set them off from.

Chase DOES NOT like fireworks.

I thought maybe if I sat on the deck with him and showed him they were not to be feared he could get over it… but it did not work! He has never liked fireworks and never will!


IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Please be aware of when fireworks are being set off (like around holidays) and ensure your dog is not off leash during this time! Chase was in a fenced in yard during my attempt to desensitize him.

The fact is, fireworks scare most dogs. No matter how trained you think your dog is… fireworks erase that training. They WILL run scared and NOT listen to you! Keep your dogs safe! There are far too many stories of dogs being lost during fireworks!

If you are setting fireworks off yourself, be aware of your neighbors’ dogs as well and maybe give them a heads up so they can ensure their dog is safe during the display.


I sat on the floor inside my room with all windows closed and the TV going the rest of the display. It was very loud though so Chase was still scared 😦


3 responses to “Fireworks + Chase = Fear

  1. I turn the TV up loud, turn the lights on so that the flashes aren’t as noticeable, and hang out with all the kids. Thank goodness Mazie isn’t really fazed by them so the little girls follow her lead.

  2. The dog I grew up with was terrified of fireworks – he would hide under beds and otherwise make himself gone while they were set off. It was therefore a bit surprising when I got Choppy and she decided fireworks were something to be attacked. As in, she heads straight for them. Quite a change!

  3. I nominated you for an award on my blog. Please stop by 🙂

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