Chase is ready for football!

Yesterday I made Chase a new bandanna out of some leftover fabric I had! Chase and I are both HUGE New England Patriots fans… we never miss a game! 

As per usual, Chase had to take some photos to commemorate the beginning of Patriots’ season!!

DSCN9641Modeling the new bandanna

DSCN9657Linebacker face

DSCN9659Be yourself (which always means panting)

DSCN9660This helmet does not belong on me!


7 responses to “Chase is ready for football!

  1. Chase’s “be yourself” is adorable! Love the bandanna!

  2. Cute chase!! Love his expressions!

  3. Cute pics, I can hardly ever get good shots of my boys.

    • Thanks! The biggest factor in getting a photo-taking dog is starting early, Chase had a camera in his face the moment I got him!

      Also teaching commands that help create good photos: Chase knows sit, stay and look-at-me 🙂

  4. Chase is a gorgeous guy – love his expressions…..he’s a perfect photographic subject!!!!

    Pam and Sam

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