Vet update

As I expected, the vet did not find anything in Chase’s eye while flushing it out under sedation or anything abnormal in his eye. *sigh*

I was hoping for an answer. So now we just put drops in for a week and hope the green goo does not come back. 

The sedation hit Chase surprisingly hard! He was not present at all and had to be carried from the vet to the car and from the car to the house. He has slept most of the day today. He was not able to walk for a while, he was far too wobbly. He is doing better now and can walk without the wobbles. 

Here he is after coming home, feeling very drugged and very sleepy: 



2 responses to “Vet update

  1. Get well soon. Woof Woof!

  2. Actually very glad that there wasn’t anything in there causing an ulceration. Much easier to treat an infection. Have a great week-end 🙂

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