Grooming update + Vet visit

Grooming Update

I needed to trim chase’s feet up because he had elf feet again plus the hair on his pads were overgrown again!

It was a struggle as he kept pulling his foot away from me and sitting down every time I had him stand up… then a light bulb went off in my head! I had remembered seeing a sheltie grooming video where she combed her sheltie while it laid on it’s side.

SUCCESS!!! It was so much easier trimming his feet and pads! He was on his side so he no longer pulled his feet away from me! (I forgot to take a photo, I’ll try to remember next time). I will definitely try this for combing soon, I’ll give him a break for now since he also had a vet trip today. 

Vet Visit 

3 weeks ago, Chase had a problem with his eye. It was red and there was a puss-like goo coming out of it. It was only the one eye so I thought maybe he scratched it or got something in it. I borrowed some of Joey’s eye drops for when he had an eye infection and it cleared up after a week. 

Well here we are 2 weeks after it clearing up and it is inflamed with the goo again! 😦 Off to the vet we went!

After examining his eye and flushing it with saline solution, the vet thought there must be a foreign body deep in the eye. 

So, tomorrow morning Chase has to go back and be sedated 😦 They are going to be moving his eye around a lot, moving his third eyelid etc. so it is not something they can do with an awake dog. Not the news I was expecting! Anytime you hear sedation it is not fun. At least it will only take an hour and I can pick him up!

Hopefully they figure out what is going on. I do have this feeling they will not be able to find anything and it will be another expensive and long-term mystery like I went through with his leg problems. Hopefully history will not repeat itself. 


Above is a picture of the weird goop that keeps forming no matter how many times you wipe his eye. 


2 responses to “Grooming update + Vet visit

  1. I always brushed Oskar the Samoyed and his brother when they were lying down, they were much happier and so was I. I trim Mazie and the Puffs nails only when they are lying down too 🙂 Wishing you good luck at the vet. Keep us updated.
    Marty’s Mom

    • I wish I had thought to try it a lot earlier! With Chase’s leg issues I think it was a relief for him as well, it took all the discomfort away.

      Thank you, fingers and paws crossed we get an answer tomorrow!

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