Hair Hair Hair

It’s shedding season for Chase! This is only my second experience with shedding season having never owned a double-coated dog in my life. Last season, I was very unprepared!

Unfortunately Chase HATES being groomed! It has been a struggle between the two of us since his hair came in as a puppy.


My tools for this grooming session:  a rake, scissors and a muzzle

Chase gets testy when I brush certain areas of his body (mostly his butt). The muzzle is a new grooming addition that I bought a couple weeks ago. It has made the process way easier!

Chase’s butt area hair is very thick and coarse. The area is often called “Sheltie pants”. Unfortunately, Chase’s testy attitude toward me combing the area has prevented him from getting a proper grooming. With the introduction of a muzzle, I discovered the area was very matted :(. The superficial combing I had been doing the past year did nothing other than mask the problem.

The matting was so bad, no comb could get through it. Unfortunately, I had to cut the hair down to pretty much nothing in his “pants” area. Chase and I are both embarrassed by the outcome of this rookie grooming mistake. His beautiful flowing “Sheltie pants” are gone and they will take awhile to grow back. I would add a picture, but Chase does not want people seeing him like that!

So instead, here he is after a rake combing to get rid of some of his shedding undercoat. Chase’s coat is so thick, the undercoat takes a long time to finally stop shedding!


I have learned my lesson and will be combing the “pants” area weekly (despite Chase’s objections).     🙂


8 responses to “Hair Hair Hair

  1. Occasional Hope

    We used to brush what we called our later sheltie’s trousers daily. (You probably didn’t want to hear that.)

    • Ahh! Yes, that is not something I wanted to hear, but it is helpful to know!

      Maybe I can work up to twice a week 😉

      Thanks for your comment, I am always happy to hear from someone who has Sheltie knowledge! Feel free to add more tips for me 🙂

  2. Poor little chase!! He doesn’t look too happy in that pic 😆. Hope your grooming sessions with him become more enjoyable!!

  3. Occasional Hope

    Lots of treats help with attitude at grooming time too 😉

    • I’ve been giving him a special treat (the Oreo look-a-like ones) after each combing session. He is starting to anticipate that and behave a little better 🙂

  4. I drop mine off at the groomers, easy way out. 🙂

    • Lol I bet it is! I thought about doing that, but I was worried his attitude would be worse at the hands of a stranger.

      I will work with him and I know I can get him to co-operate better over time 🙂

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