Reality Check

I prefer to make my posts about the happy times and all the fun activities Chase does, but that is not reality. I decided it was time to talk about the bad days. 

Chase’s legs act up some days (maybe it is weather, maybe it is something he did the day before, who knows). Unfortunately his legs will never get better, they will only get worse as he ages. Chase is often mistaken by strangers as a senior dog due to his slow pace and stiff legs. 

Bad day example: We tried playing regular frisbee today, but after 2 short throws Chase stopped and laid down (indicating to me that his legs were bothering him).

What makes this even harder is Chase is a VERY stoic dog. He rarely cries, even when he is clearly hurt. Last week he was playing frisbee and he cut his tongue… I had no idea because he kept playing, I only knew something was wrong when a blood/spit combo came flying out of his mouth onto the pavement! Not a cry/whimper, he acted like nothing was wrong.

He has never cried over his leg problems either. Despite it being so bad at one point he could not walk for more than 2 minutes without severely limping! Part of the problem in getting his diagnosis was that no matter how the vet manipulated his legs, he did not do anything. He stood perfectly still, looking forward and not moving an inch.

All I can do is cherish the moments we have together and hope that his condition does not deteriorate further for a long time!


2 responses to “Reality Check

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that Chase still has such severe leg problems that can sometimes flare up so much! I had thought that after the glucosamine supplement you gave him it’s mostly healed already! Hey this may sound totally weird, but would you be willing to let him try some supplements if I got some, and have it sent over directly from our distributor in Canada? I work with a supplement company (based in the USA) and quite a number of my biz partners (who love their dogs) tell me they give their dogs certain supplements (which are actually for humans–such as omega, cartilage formula, etc), and that it has done their pet a lot of good!

    I would be loathe to see Chase suffer so much–and our supplements are very good. I don’t even need to send to your home address, just a P.O. Box should be good (for security on your part…since I am obviously a stranger to you). You have my email address, so if you wanna discuss i’m more than eager to help!

    • Unfortunately, no medicine can heal Chase’s condition, it is a degenerative problem. Medicine can only reduce his symptoms. Yes, the glucosamine Chase takes is actually a human-grade version as even my vet said the dog glucosamine is no different from the human.

      I am trying my best to stay away from unnatural medicines as long as I can. I might have to up his glucosamine if his problems continue. I will email you so I can find out more info about the supplements you are talking about. Thanks 🙂

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